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MD Drum Replacement

Here at QASLTD we offer exceptional value for money with our MD Dryer Drum service exchange program. A service designed to offer “on the shelf” or “short time turnaround”

This unique service provides for all the necessary parts to complete an MD Drum replacement. All necessary gaskets, O-Rings, Bearings & Demister are available off the shelf.

All we ask is the return of the old drum in a usable condition minus the core material, full details are available at request.

MD Drum Dryer Demister O-Rings bearings & Gaskets

Bearings - O' Rings - Gasket

Demister - Drum seal

The Remanufacture Process

With the outer drum removed the new media is inserted and bonded to the hub & inner support. The media is built up to form a complete drum then the outer support is bonded to the drum media.

Left for 24 hours to cure the faces of the drum are sprayed with a hardening agent to provide a hard wearing surface.

The Final Product

Stock holding is the key to providing customers with a viable solution.

This process has been tested in the field since 1998 and has been very successful.

We are adding to our stock and are aiming to have all models available within the next 12 months, currently the following drums are available from stock:

MD3 - MD4 - MD5 - MD25

Coming soon: MD50 - MD100 - MD200 - MD300  - MD400

Atlas Copco MD Drum Dryer Remanufacture

Stage 1 MD Drum Remanufacture (Refurbishment) Process Stage 2 MD Drum Remanufacture (Refurbishment) Process Stage 3 MD Drum Remanufacture (Refurbishment) Process Completed MD Drum Remanufacture (Refurbishment) Atlas Copco MD4 Remanufactured (Refurbished) drum for sale Atlas Copco MD3 Remanufactured (Refurbished) drum for sale Atlas Copco MD25 Remanufactured (Refurbished) drum for sale Atlas Copco Remanufactured (Refurbished) MD Drums for sale in stock

MD4 Drum

MD3 Drum

Atlas Copco MD5 Remanufactured (Refurbished) drum for sale

MD25 Drum

MD5 Drum

MD Drum stock

Atlas Copco MD Drum Dryer Refurbishment

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