With over 30 years in the compressed air industry we have a wealth of knowledge especially within the Oil Free Industry & equipment.

Our purpose is to supply quality used compressed air equipment to the air users along with Hire & tested used hard metal parts.

Whether you need Hire, Used or Parts our commitment is to always provide traceable items to original serial numbers & models and where possible a video will be available to show actual equipment running along with pressures & temperatures.

If you cannot see what you require call or send a mail, with many partners all over Europe we will search on your behalf saving you time, frustration and money.

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14.11.2012. A new innovation for Quality Air Service Limited. Atlas Copco MD Drum Dryer remanufactured drums

As with most equipment on the market there are several options to purchase along the theme of a new item:

1.  Purchase Brand New

2.  Purchase reconditioned

3.  Purchase second hand

The MD drum is based on a desiccant media which allows moisture to be removed from compressed air down to a dewpoint -20oC but as with most things does not last forever, here is an alternative to Purchase Brand New purchase a remanufactured unit.

12th May 2014. Quality Air Service Invest in Atlas Copco Refurbished (Remanufactured) MD Desiccant Drums. We will hold a range of drums, MD100, MD300, MD400, MD600, MD25, MD3, MD4 & MD5. These drums are on the shelf ready for use. Call or email Chris Davenport + (0) 7712 405674 chris@qasltd for further information

14/10/2015. Quality Air Service introduce a new range of Atlas Copco Non OEM Demisters. Currently in stock for MD4, MD5, MD100 to MD600, IMD260. These demisters are manufactured from high quality Open Cell Reticulated Foam.